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Protein From the Grill ( comes with farofa and vinaigrette)


Top Sirloin (Picanha): $ 14.00 

Tri tip (Maminha); $8

New York Strip (Contra File): $10

Rib Eye Steak (File de Costela) : $12

Braised Beef ribs (Costela de Boi): $ 15.20

Roasted Half rack pork Pork ( Costela de Porco) $9.50

Grilled bacon wrapped chicken breast ( Frango com Bacon):$ 8.50 

Grilled Salmon (Salmao Grelhado) :$12 (bernaise sauce)




Choose Your Salads 

Any salad portion $5.00


Vinaigrete ( Brazilian Salsa, with tomatoes and cilantro )

Caesar salad 

Kale salad ( lemon vinaigrette, feta cheese and green apples, raisins)

Carrot Salad (braised with olive oil and tossed with feta cheese)

Chick pea Salad ( chick peas with pesto sauce)
Classic Greek Salad

Spicy Tofu Salad ( soft tofu with vegetables and a spicy sauce)

Yam salad ( roasted yam with sweet red onions) .



Choose Your Sides: 

White rice:$2.50 

Mini Feijoada: $5.00

Mashed potatoes:$5.00

Penned Alfredo:$5.00 

French Fries $3.00

Baked Potatoes $3.00 

Sautted green Beans: $2.50

Feijoada Completa ( with rice, vinaigrette and farofa) $15.00 




Pao de queijo ( gooey Brazilian cheese bread ) $7

Fried banana ( cinnamon coated ) $6

Pudim ( condensed milk flan ) $7.50

Brigadeirao ( chocolate flan ) $7.50



One meat+3 choices $24.50

Two meats+ 4 choices$34.00

Three meats+ 6 choices $45

Feijoada Completa ( Beans with Rice and farofa) $15




$3/ Cans

Coke/ Diet Coke/ Ginger Ale/ Sprite


HOURS: Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-9pm

HOURS: Tue-FRi 430pm-830pm and

Sat-Sun 12pm-830pm